Andy MattisonOct 6, 2017, 2:10 pm

IT experts: Threats from online hackers and data breaches only getting worse

Pace University holds ‘CyberStorm Cybersecurity Conference' following data breach at Equifax


According to technology experts, the threat of hackers and online data breaches are only getting worse.

On Friday Pace University held a discussion concerning these threats after online data was exposed following the data breach at Equifax.

Information technology experts say cybersecurity is a growing threat that no one is immune from.

"There's a common words that are said in the IT security space that said 'it's not a matter of if you’re hacked it's when you are hacked' and if you go in with that mentality you'll have a better appreciation for how you get after a difficult problem," says International Guard Brigadier General Timothy Lunderman.

Speaking at Pace University's CyberStorm Cybersecurity Conference Friday, Lunderman says the issue isn't just a technology problem.

Lunderman's appearance comes on the heels of Equifax's massive data breach that exposed the personal information of more than 140 million people.

To protect yourself online, Lunderman suggests using anti-malware software, and for corporations to identify their most important information designating security around it.

"If we lost our 'crown jewels' what does that mean? How do we continue to work through that problem? If we know that this is the important part of what I have to protect, then let's put the resources against that very specific portion of what we want to protect," says Lunderman.

"People need number one to move beyond being scared and move toward action," says Pace University Seidenberg CSIS School Dean Jonathan Hill.

Action experts say to begin with learning about cyber attacks at all levels.



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