Josh RhodenApr 22, 2018, 7:35 pm

Killian says Mayer should apologize for supporters’ alleged anti-police tweets

Mayer’s spokesperson fires back that the Republican is executing a Trump-style smear campaign


WHITE PLAINS — Republican Senate candidate Julie Killian hit the campaign trail to garner some last-minute momentum on Sunday, holding no punches against her Democratic opponent Shelley Mayer

"What is even more upsetting is that Shelley Mayer has yet to personally denounce the tweets and apologize to members of law enforcement and their families," Killian said during a press conference.

The tweets Killian is referring to are those made by two people affiliated with the Mayer campaign.

One of the tweets were made by a Mayer campaign volunteer named Alex said, “Cops from White Plains can burn.”

Another supporter in 2017 that was made by Genna Goldsobel, a paid staff member, accuses the NYPD of getting away with murdering people of color.

This comes on the heels of what became a national story when a Killian fundraiser, Denise Ward, was singled out for tweets attacking two survivors from the Parkland shooting.

Ward tweeted, "Every time that idiotic David Hogg person speaks, I am compelled to do the opposite of whatever he's advocating because it's so clear that he's nothing more than a tool and a drone."

Killian denounced the comments after Parkland survivor David Hogg retweeted the quote from Ward and added, "Hey, Julie Killian, so who's your opponent? Do they support saving lives? Because I do."

Mayer’s campaign said her opponent’s criticism is nothing but hot air.

"This is a desperate attempt by Julie Killian to continue her Trump-style smear campaign. The fact is that Shelley Mayer has always stood side-by-side with law enforcement to keep our families safe. That is why her record has earned her the endorsement of local law enforcement groups such as the Yonkers PBA, Yonkers Captains, Lieutenant and Sergeants Association, Black Law Enforcement Association, and Westchester Hispanic Police Association, just to name a few."

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