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PD: Man from Long Island threatened school administrator in Upper Nyack

Detectives say multiple guns, silencer and bump stocks were found at Robert Csak’s home in Suffolk County


CENTRAL ISLIP — A Lindenhurst man was in court Monday after police said they found an arsenal of weapons in the 32-year-old's home. The discovery was made Sunday after the officers said he made a threatening phone call to a school in Nyack, Rockland County.

“This individual fits the profile that we often see with active shooters,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini.

Robert Csak, 32 headed to his arraignment at the Central Islip Courthouse after he was arrested and charged on multiple weapons charges.

Over the weekend, Suffolk County police officers say they arrested the Csak, after finding 19 guns, nine of which were illegal, an illegal silencer, ammunition and bump stocks in his home. In district court, it was also reveal a gas mask and night vision goggles were also found.

Police say Csak left threatening voicemails directed towards an employee at the Summit School in Nyack, which Csak attended back in 2002.

The staff member reported to police that after hearing messages, he was concerned for the safety and staff of the school, and questioned the well-being of the caller.

“You have a threat made by the defendant to an employee of a school. That police department immediately reaches out to Suffolk County Police Department knowing that the subject is a resident of Lindenhurst here in Suffolk County,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini. “Now the Suffolk County Police Department then takes immediate action ultimately executing a search warrant at his residence in Lindenhurst and recovering 19 fire arms, including more than seven assault rifles.”

In court, Csak tried to say “I didn't intend” before the judge silenced him.

The defendant representing Csak had no comment at this time.

In court, the representative said Csak has no violence in his past, has a job, and has lived in the same residence for years, and been in Suffolk County for at least 12 years.

Csak's landlord said he would of never guessed he had those weapons in the Lindenhurst home.

Never had any trouble with him, never gave me any indication that he was any kind of a threat to me or anybody in my household," John Cardinale said.

It was also revealed in court that Csak had a youthful defender conviction for attempted burglary back in 2005.

The district attorney's office says the weapons recovered are worth thousands of dollars.

Bond was set at $350,000 cash, or $750,000 bond.

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