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Westchester musicians lend their talents to end gun violence

Larchmont benefit concert will raise money for a grassroots program called the Sandy Hook Promise


Long Island artists are holding a benefit concert in Larchmont to raise money against gun violence, and for hurricane Maria victims.

Chris Abod is part of a group of local musicians who plan on performing at Chat 19 Monday night.

“I, as a musician, thought it might be a great opportunity to leverage my talents in my community of musicians and also reach out to my community here locally in Larchmont to do some good,” Abod said.

Since the shooting in Las Vegas and the hurricanes in the Caribbean and across the country, many residents are feeling helpless. So, Abod figured this benefit concert was one way everyone can help.

“These are small ideas that turn into big ones because of the community, of people you're a part of. Whether it’s here locally or my brothers and sisters in music and you can't help if you don't try and hopefully this little bit of trying will make a little bit of a difference,” he said.

Live music will begin at 8:30 p.m. and the suggested donation at the door is $20 dollars. Whatever is raised will be matched by each of the 10 artists.

The proceeds will then go to Oxfam, an international organization focused on ending poverty that is currently on the ground in San Juan and to the Sandy Hook Promise in Connecticut.

“The Sandy Hook Promise is a very grassroots, almost non-political organization that tries to use community solutions and common sense solutions that are not political to come up with some common sense ways to ameliorate the problems with gun violence,” Abod said.

The artists plan to honor the music of rocker Tom Petty who died last week during this benefit concert.

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