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Longhorned tick discovered in Westchester

Health officials: The tick poses a threat to livestock, unsure about humans


MOUNT KISCO – Earlier this week health officials alerted residents that the longhorned tick, a tick native to countries in the Far East, has been spotted in several places in Westchester County. Health officials said the tick poses a threat to livestock but are still researching how big a threat they are to humans.

Health officials are keeping an eye out for them on Long Island, where the tick population has recently increased.

Westmoreland Sanctuary Conservation Director Steve Ricker said he’s stumped when it comes to the longhorned tick.

"It’s definitely possible that they could be a threat to humans. I'm not sure what particular diseases or things they might be carrying that might transfer to us,” Ricker said.

Medical Director of the Nassau University Medical Center and Interim President and CEO Dr. Paul Pipia said they are dangerous to animals.

"They not on Long Island yet, OK? They are dangerous because what they do is they feed on livestock and they go in large groups and they make the animal anemic," Pipia said.

Ricker recommends people constantly check themselves for ticks and stay out of long grass. Health officials also recommend people shower and wash their clothes after they've been outside.

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