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Amended agreement puts Westchester County closer to taking control of Memorial Field

Mount Vernon City Council president: Mayor, council had a ‘good talk’


WHITE PLAINS – An amended agreement over Memorial Field was completed and has been given to all parties involved in the lawsuits over the field on Friday. A Westchester County spokesperson said that the amended agreement will give the county control over Memorial Field design and construction. The city will still be responsible for site cleanup.

On Thursday, Mount Vernon City Council President Lisa Copeland tweeted that Mayor Richard Thomas and the council are starting to see eye-to-eye.

"Had a conversation with @mayorrichthomas about the council's concerns #goodtalk - at City of Mount Vernon City Hall,” Copeland tweeted.

Kela Tennis said they're still battling with their insurance company over $40,000 to remove the fabric. Attorneys expect they'll get an extension to complete the work.

According to Kela Tennis Attorney Andrew Tureaud, they missed their Friday deadline to remove the bubble from the courts so the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation can complete tests of potentially toxic soil on the field

"It’s a 6-inch core sample that they will take from the tennis courts, which will significantly decrease the damage to the court, which is what we were really looking for here," Tureaud said.

Facility owners estimate there is $700,000 in damage caused by Mount Vernon who had city employees tear down the bubble two months ago. Employees believe it will cost around $400,000 just to put up a new bubble. That figure doesn't include repairing 60 light fixtures, wiring, nets, and courts.

Kela Tennis has also withdrawn its contempt of court motion against Thomas.

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