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Commuters experience overcrowding on Metro-North railways

Metro-North: Trains damaged by slippery conditions have to be removed from service to be repaired


WHITE PLAINS — Overcrowded trains, delays and maybe even some stress are just a few things commuters taking the Metro-North dealt with Thursday morning. All this commuter commotion is due to late-season fall leaves creating slippery rails and damage to train wheels when trying to break.

According to a statement from Metro-North, trains that have wheels that are extremely damaged have to be removed from service to be repaired. This leads to trains that are shorter than normal being placed in service, and potential crowding.

In the statement officials also noted that this is something that happens around this time every year.

One commuter said he takes the train all the time, and this week he's noticed he can't even find a seat.

"Most of the time it’s just standing room on the trains, which would be a problem," said Tom Caponera.

But, late trains and crowds was not the only concern for some commuters.

"The seats are very dirty. There are footprints, there’s like food and stuff spilled and you can tell it's not being cleaned," said Gail Gonzalez of White Plains.

Metro-North officials say they are hard are working trying to create seamless commutes. In a statement officials said:

"Our equipment maintenance forces will be busy throughout the week working to build back our fleet sizes to full strength."

The commuter chaos is expected to go on until the end of the week at the earliest.



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