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‘Miracle child’ is appointed ambassador for ‘Go the Distance Walk’

Joy Degl: ‘Come walk with us!’


MAHOPAC – Joy Degl, 6, who weighed just one pound at birth is inspiring families and was appointed the newest ambassador for Maria Fareri Children's Hospital fourteenth annual ‘Go the Distance Walk’ on Tuesday. Joy was cheered on by her parents and classmates as she received her official ambassador sash, ready to lead a walk for thousands.

"Joy was chosen as one of the three ambassadors for the event because she's a fighter, and she exemplifies the children that are cared for at our hospital. Joy was born and challenged with extreme prematurity. She was in our hospital for four months,” Communications Director of Maria Fareri’s Children’s Hospital Andy Laguardia said.

Joy spent 121 days in the hospital's intensive care unit. She was one of the region's thinnest and sickest newborns; however, today she is a healthy preschooler.

"Everything worked out for the best, we were extremely lucky to meet all the good doctors and nurses. And they took care of my wife and my daughter, and here we are six years later with a very happy, healthy girl," Joy’s father said.

“We are so excited because not only does everyone want to support the hospital because of what they have done for her and with her, but she loves to be on screen she loves to lead. So this will be very special for her,” Joy’s mother said.

The "Go the Distance Walk" will take place on Sept. 16.

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