Diane CarusoJul 5, 2018, 9:54 pm

Mount Vernon police arrest suspect in shooting that critically injured man

Diesel Mercedes was shot near a child's birthday party


MOUNT VERNON — Police revealed more information about the suspect in a Sunday shooting that sent a man to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

On Sunday evening, a shooting took place outside of an apartment building at 358 South 9th Avenue in Mount Vernon.

"Mr. Campbell of 145 West Sidney Avenue was arrested in relation to this incident and is charged with assault in the first degree," said Mount Vernon Chief of Police Richton Ziadie.

The suspect was identified as Mr. Campbell who allegedly shot Diesel Mercedes near a child's birthday party. Police confirm that Mercedes is in serious but stable condition. Last week, Mayor Richard Thomas held a press conference talking about how the overall crime was down in the city but with summer heating up, crime would increase. Although, police say Mount Vernon residents are beginning to work with the police department to bring justice and protect the community.

It’s not clear what caused the shooting, but the recent arrest is being applauded as a move in the right direction

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