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Mountainside Chappaqua aims to help those suffering from addiction

New facility offers therapy, group sessions, family wellness


CHAPPAQUA – Mountainside Chappaqua opened its 4,200-square-foot outpatient care facility on Wednesday. It will help those battling substance addiction. Their new outpatient facility has rooms for therapy, group sessions, family wellness, recovery coaching, and exams. Mountainside has a focus on a continuum of care because they believe addiction isn't just a seven or 30-day treatment, but a lifelong battle that can trigger at any point in someone’s life.

"We treat people from a holistic approach. We don't just treat the brain disease. We treat the entire person. So, we treat their mind, their body, and their spirit," director of Clinical Operations Amy Sedgwick said. “We understand that addiction doesn't discriminate. It impacts all people from all facets of life. And we want to be here to help support people and get them back on track and help them meet their recovery goals."

Mountainside Chappaqua aims to be an outpatient facility that allows patients to be home, take care of their families, go to work, and carry on their normal lives while also being able to get help with their addictions when it works for their schedules. The facility has extended hours on Monday through Friday and hopes to be open 24/7 in the future.

Mountainside Chappaqua will begin to see outpatient clients within the next two to three weeks.

"We start with detox, provide residential services, extended care, family wellness, alumni, recovery coaching, outpatient like here. So, we try to provide and cover all needs of the client during treatment," chief operating officer Andre Basso said.

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