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Home in Mt. Vernon catches fire, trapping 2 inside

Victim jumps out of a window; firefighters break his fall


MOUNT VERNON – A fire broke out on East Fourth Street on Wednesday morning, which completely engulfed a home and trapped an elderly man and his nephew inside before they were rescued by firefighters, who put out the fire. Both residents and a firefighter where taken to a hospital; their conditions are unknown at this time.

Deputy Chief Alfarid Salahuddin recounted on the firefighters rescued the victims.

"Actually, we were there when he let go, so we were able to kind of break his fall and assist them. He really didn't get injured in any kind of major way. He had a few burns on him. He was actually hanging out of a window, and the fires were near his head. That's why he went out the window," Salahuddin said.

Mayor Richard Thomas said that he wants people to be mindful of the threat of fire.

“I think the key lesson learned today is that everybody is mindful of the threat of a fire, and we will double sure that whatever we need to do on our end to make the situation safer. We will do that," Thomas said.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

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