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Judges continues temporary restraining order against Mt. Vernon mayor, comptroller

Mayor's office says they hope to move past this litigation, restart construction at the site


WHITE PLAINS – Judge Gerald Loehr is continuing a temporary injunction filed by the City Council against the city of Mount Vernon as work to Memorial Field remains at a standstill. The judge said the Westchester County Government is getting involved with legislation to take over the Memorial Field project and until that's resolved, he won't make a ruling.

A decade ago, the county and the city had a plan in place to renovate the stadium, which eventually fell through after the county had already invested money into the project.

As of now, the temporary restraining order stops Mayor Richard Thomas or the city's comptroller Deborah Reynolds from working or putting money into construction at the memorial field will remain in effect.

"We're going to keep moving forward and hopefully the courts will recognize that we're following the law, we're complying with the cleanup mandate, and the city wants it back," Thomas said.

The judge wants the city council to make the next move.

"Demolishing property in the middle of the night is scary. We put a stop to that, the judge agreed with us. The council is taking control and we're going to do what's right for the population," City Councilmember Marcus Griffith said.

The lawsuit was filed after the city began working on the project without the council's approval and reached its tipping point when city workers allegedly took down the inflatable dome over Kela Tennis.

According to the owners of Kela Tennis, the city has around 70 pieces of the dome which is preventing the business from re-inflating it and assessing the damage.

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