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Ladle of Love, Café of Love close their doors in Mt. Kisco after over a decade

Residents: ‘It’s a very sad thing. ... They were giving back’


BRONXVILLE – The Ladle of Love and Café of Love are closing their doors in Mount Kisco after over a decade, saddening some locals.

"It's a very sad thing. I love the place. I love their philosophy. I love the fact that they were helping local farmers, local growers. They were giving back. And any business that gives back is worth supporting," Mount Kisco resident David Allender said.

The business models focused on farm-to-table food and seasonal ingredients, something unique that attracted people from all over to eat at these locations in Mount Kisco.

Cafe of love on Mount Kisco's East Main Street has been open for 11 years and Ladle of love on South Moger Avenue has been open for 15 years.

“It's terrible. I go to both of them all the time. I think the food is great. Leslie, who runs both of them is lovely. And I’m sorry to see them going," Chappaqua resident David Berck said.

Celebrities like actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and TV food personality Sandra Lee attend the residents.

"A restaurant like that was special. You know they had something to offer. They weren't just slapping food in front of you. And there was a good atmosphere, good people worked there. And they had a good philosophy about what they were doing with their business. And I really appreciated all of that," Mount Kisco resident David Allender said.

The Ladle of Love in Bronxville is still open.

So far, there is no comment from the owners as to why the stores are closed.

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