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Municipalities vote to fund study on flood mitigation fixes

Port Chester residents say they support the study


PORT CHESTER – Last week municipalities voted on the Village of Rye Brook, the Town of Rye, and Port Chester Union Free School District to work together to co-fund a study to help determine flood mitigation fixes, according to The study will reportedly look into flooding conditions in the development on Avon Circle and Bowman Avenue in Rye Brook and in some parts of the athletic fields west of the Port Chester Middle School building.

Neighbors who lived at Avon Circle for over a year say that haven't seen any flood damages since they moved there.

"I know from personal experience that when schools and homes are flooded it's not a fun thing to deal with," Paul Albert said.

"There's not been much rainfall, enough that there's a flood warning for this area. I have not seen flooding in this place. There's a lot of good drainage here," Rye Brook resident Alex Grace said.

Rye Town Administrator Gary Zuckerman told that the purpose of the flood study is to determine the cause of the problem and what the solution might be, in addition to how much it will cost.

Zuckerman said he'd imagine the solution will be considerably more than the study cost.

Funding was reportedly stalled back in 2016 when a study proposal was supposed to be done by a Port Chester-based engineering firm to examine ways to protect against future floods.

People who work in Port Chester gave several reasons why they think the flood study is a good idea.

"One being, when roadways are flooded it makes it more difficult to get to work. Additionally, structures likes schools and homes can be damaged from the floods,” Port Chester's Paul Albert said. also said the town board voted to submit an application for up to $50,000 in funding through the Westchester County’s Stormwater Management funding program.

A group of federal lawmakers in May announced that funding authorization for the nearly $70 million project was included in the Water Resources Development Act.

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