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New Castle town supervisor wants bridge to replace railroad crossing he deems dangerous

Robert Greenstein believes there's too much traffic near Saw Mill River Parkway and Roaring Brook Road


NEW CASTLE —Town Supervisor Robert Greenstein wants to get rid of what he calls a dangerous railroad crossing and replace it with a bridge.

Greenstein believes the railroad crossing is problematic and there's too much traffic in and around the area located just off the intersection of the Saw Mill River Parkway and Roaring Brook Road.

Supervisor Greenstein also thinks once the Chappaqua crossing retail and residential building becomes fully operational, the crossing below will be that much more of an inconvenience.

"The reason I think it's so dangerous is because the similarities between this particular railroad crossing and the Valhalla one," Greenstein says. The Valhalla crossing that had the deadliest train crash in Metro-North's history. Back in 2015, a train collided with a car that had stopped on the tracks, which resulted in the deaths of six people.

"Both railroad crossings are in close proximity to a major highway and both railroad crossings are near a traffic light," Greenstein says.

His plan to revamp the site is to build a bridge in a different area with the support of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Department of Transportation.

"This was the former Reader's Digest headquarters and the owners, the Wallaces, who are always incredibly generous, they were also incredibly generous by donating land," Greenstein says, referring to the land that was donated for the sole purpose of building a bridge.

The only road block is securing about $40 million from the federal government.

"That's a big miss, but there's going to be new bridge built and this particular bridge would solve a lot of problems," Greenstein says.

Greenstein adds, with the government always talking about improving infrastructure and creating jobs, this is the perfect opportunity to do it.



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