Andy MattisonMar 2, 2018, 12:01 am

New Rochelle mayor reflects on school violence during State of the City address

Mayor Noam Bramson says despite the city’s past, he is “thrilled by its bright future’


NEW ROCHELLE — Addressing the New Rochelle community at his State of the City address, Mayor Noam Bramson reflected on the violent incidents involving high school students that plagued the city earlier this year.

Amid a climate of unease, several months after violent incidents in and around New Rochelle High School, including the fatal stabbing of a student, the mayor also highlighted economic development in his speech.

"It affects us in moral terms because we all have a stake in the future of every young person,” he said.

With several New Rochelle High School students in the audience, Mayor Bramson called on them to stand and be recognized for their achievements.

"They aren't the exception; they are the rule. We had a hard time figuring out who to bring tonight,” he said. “They are New Rochelle."

Mayor Bramson also touted economic growth, discussing five new projects under construction and 10 more in the planning stages including new housing units.

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