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New Windsor makeup factory reopens after deadly fire, OSHA investigates

225 employees were asked to return to work


NEW WINDSOR — A 6-month OSHA investigation into Verla International is underway after it re-opened for business one week after a deadly explosion.

The make-up, fragrance and nail polish manufacturer faces intense scrutiny after 225 workers were asked to resume production.

Attorney Michael Sussman, an activist familiar with the case, says for a host of reasons it’s far too soon.

"There's a lot of confusion. Because they don't feel any more knowledgeable today about what really goes on where they work or what the risks are than they felt on Nov. 19 or the morning before 10:40 a.m.) on Nov. 20. And the company has no obligation to its community, to its workers, to anyone about what actually goes on there," says Sussman.

Sussman says there are no regulations at any level that require chemical companies to disclose the products they are using.

Kyle Angjelo, a chemist hired as a safety consultant for Verla International, reviewed surveillance footage released by Orange County fire investigators.

Angjelo explained that a highly flammable chemical could be seen draining out of a blue barrel above a storage tank with no one monitoring the chemical transfer.

Thursday, a meeting will be held at the Worker Justice Center in Kingston headed by the Department of Labor.

The informational session will be held for workers at the factory to inform them about their rights following the explosion.



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