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Newburgh Ministry aims to provide low-income housing

Executive director says he represents the interest of people living off of $412 a month


NEWBURGH – The Newburgh Ministry, an organization that aims to provide food, clothing, and housing to those in need, now wants to provide permanent low-income housing for their members. The group wants to buy property city-owned property near 9 Johnston St. and convert it into affordable studio and one-bedroom apartments as well as offer on-site case management and mental health and substance abuse resources for residents.

Executive Director of the Newburgh Minister Colin Jarvis said he wants to help individuals with low-income by building a permanent housing unit that would hold 35 people next to the ministry.

"From where we sit on 9 Johnston St. and the folks we serve every day that comes in. We're very low-income public assistance recipients there's nothing for them,” Jarvis said.

Individuals who are on public assistance in the City of Newburgh live off of $412 dollars a month; Jarvis said that’s not enough to survive.

"Folks who receive $412 a month, they cycle in and out of the shelter system because they cannot afford to live in Newburgh," Jarvis said. "Essentially, I want to represent the interest of the folks who receive $412 a month and begin with this project to begin to stem a cycle of disregard that happens for our constituents.”

Jarvis said if the city approves his plan, he'll want to find the new building in one year.

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