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Newly sworn-in mayor looks to repair Spring Valley’s checkered past

Supporters are optimistic that Alan Simon will reinvigorate the village


SPRING VALLEY — Former village justice Democrat Alan Simon was sworn in as Spring Valley’s new mayor on Monday night.

Mayor Simon defeated incumbent Mayor Demeza Delhomme in a September primary and went on to win the general election in November. His victory came after a series of controversial political fights and corruption allegations. He was also once removed from the bench as a Spring Valley justice.

Simon is looking to repair the village's image and leave behind its checkered past.

"We are going to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and work out a really terrific way of life. And it's going to be more a way of life than anything else," Simon said.

Supporters are optimistic that Mayor Simon and three new trustees will move Spring Valley forward.

"The new administration has a lot of groundwork to do a lot of rebuilding the foundations. When all is said and done, I hope to see a new and reinvigorated Spring Valley," Rockland attorney Thomas Humbach said.

During Simon’s swearing-in ceremony, he said the new administration will work to be on the same page.

"I'm fortunate. I have a good board. We are prepared to work together for the best circumstances for Spring Valley residents," Simon said.



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