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‘The North Pole Airport’ display arrives in time for the holidays in New City

Gary Cirlin combines his love of Christmas and aviation at his home in Rockland County


A New City man has turned his front yard into a Christmas themed airport. And all of the Christmas lights in his home are attracting dozens in the community this holiday season.

"It's an aviation theme. We've got a bunch of Santa's aircraft, and the other side of the house is a 72-foot runway and a 10-foot tall elf traffic control tower," says homeowner Gary Cirlin.

The display is being called “The North Pole Airport.” Cirlin says he wanted to blend his love for aviation with Christmas.

"I love aviation. I'm an avid aviation geek as we call ourselves … so to combine the holidays and aviation is just a passion," Cirlin says. He says it took about five weeks to put up the 9,000 lights. The lights are synced to music.

"So when you pull up in your car, you tune to 98.1 FM. You could tune in and listen to the lights and music. There are six songs, and in between each song is a little message from Santa to the elf traffic controllers," Cirlin explains.

Local resident Joel Jackel brought his son out to see. He says it's reminiscent of his childhood days.

"And this is the first year that I think our son here is really kind of recognizing what Christmas is, so it's great to come here and see it," Jackel says.

Cirlin says his family is doing more than just showing off lights though. They are also taking monetary donations to sponsor an Angel Flight.

"They transport adults and children who are in need of life-saving medical care," Cirlin explains.

The Christmas lights display is located at 12 Oriole Road. The homeowner says the display will continue to shine from now through Christmas.



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