Josh RhodenApr 15, 2018, 6:25 pm

NRA members dine at fundraiser as gun control activists protest outside

Over 500 Hudson Valley Friends of the NRA members attend dinner in Pearl River as protestors urge them to support restrictions


PEARL RIVER — As hundreds of members of the Hudson Valley Friends of the NRA gathered at the Hilton Pearl River Hotel for a $60 fundraiser dinner Sunday, gun control activists protested outside.

Over 500 people had dinner at the ballroom to raise money for groups like the Boy Scouts of America as protestors called on NRA members to consider gun control measures.

"We are not going to support political lobbies like the NRA that have caused a stranglehold on state houses and federal government for far too long,” Joseph Coe said.

Across the street, proud NRA member Nick Woodford brought his American flag in support of the fundraiser. Woodford believes there are already way too many gun laws in America.

"That shooter was identified by the FBI in Florida and they did not follow up,” he said. “How is that the NRA’s fault?"

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