Stephanie GiangMar 7, 2018, 1:45 pmMar 9, 2018, 3:09 pm

Residents in Nyack fuel up, head to supermarket as winter storm arrives

Plows hit the road to clean the roadways of accumulating snow


NYACK — The nor'easter is in full effect in the Lower Hudson Valley. Heavy snowfall is impacting neighbors as they prepare for another winter storm.

"Went for gas last night, and it was packed. So now, it's empty because everyone's afraid," said Bardonia resident John Farrell.

People paid a visit to their local supermarkets to make sure they have everything. They bought food and supplies like batteries to power up electronics in the event of an outage.

Meanwhile, snow plows have taken over the streets in preparation for severe conditions. The snowfall starts to accumulate on the ground and wind chills increase since the morning.

Power outages are scattered throughout a neighborhood, but there was no sign of severe damages from this storm yet. Utilities like Orange and Rockland are advising neighbors to avoid downed wires because they could be live.

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Nyack, New York