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Yonkers community opposes new hotel plans due to fear increase in crime

Residents feel like the hotel would attract homeless, prostitution


YONKERS – Owner of the American Dream restaurant Gulam Khan is in talks with the city to convert it from a dining establishment and into to a 3-star hotel. However, some in the community worry it would cause an increase in crime. Khan said opening up a hotel at this location will help improve the neighborhood.

Jesus Wright lives in the area and fully supports the idea. "We don't have one on this side and also it brings jobs to people that don't have jobs on this side of town so it's healthy for us. It's something different," Wright said.

If Khan gets his wish the restaurant will be turned into a 57-room hotel. report he's targeting a brand like Holiday Inn Express or a Boutique Hotel.

According to zoning rules, a hotel is permitted to be built in the area.

One group that opposes Khan's plan is the South Broadway Business Improvement District.

In a letter to city officials, the group expresses concern the hotel will become a place that will house the homeless or mentally ill. Other residents said with a nightclub just down the street, the hotel will attract the wrong clientele.

"I’m afraid that that would cause that kind of environment of prostitution, drugs, that kind of stuff," Yonkers resident David Santiago said. "I’m afraid that it will turn more into something like a homeless shelter, and you know, I think South Yonkers should be revitalized into something more neighborhood-friendly."

Khan maintains that the nightly rates of his hotel will prove that only legitimate customers would book a room there.

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