Andy MattisonMar 7, 2018, 5:00 pmMar 9, 2018, 3:24 pm

Some residents affected by post-nor’easter outages struggle in 2nd winter storm

A couple in Ossining depends on generator and active fire place to get through latest winter event


OSSINING — Many residents are still without power after last week's storm. They’re worried it may be several more days before the power comes back on because of Wednesday's winter storm.

Celia and Brian Carroll have been without power since Sunday. They are now relying on a borrowed generator and fire in the fireplace to stay warm. A utility crew that was working in the neighborhood left because of the storm.

The Carrolls said a tree fell on Sunday, which resulted in a brief power outage. The power was restored before going out again the same day. They are now worried that that might be the case with this latest storm.

“It just happened a second ago, where someone who would just got powered restored lost it again. I mean, this is a very heavy snowstorm. This is going to create all kinds of havoc" Celia Carroll said.

"It’s March. The sap is starting to rise. The branches are getting heavy. This is a wet snow. A lot of trees are going to lose branches, and I think more power will be down," Brian Carroll said.

The snow is starting to pick up in the area and the Carrolls said they aren't sure how much longer their supplies can last.

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