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Mayor of Ossining seeks to adopt ‘gender neutral’ bathroom policy

Proposal calls for public single occupant bathrooms in village to be able to used by all genders


OSSINING – Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity is proposing a plan that would make Ossining the first community in the state to adopt "gender neutral" signage policy for all public restrooms. If the policy is approved a single-occupant bathroom in the village hall here may be the first to have a gender-neutral bathroom.

"All are welcome in Ossining,” Gearity said.

The proposal calls for only single occupant bathrooms to be declared gender-neutral. In the state assembly, there has been a proposal to make gender-neutral bathrooms mandatory statewide but it's not clear if that measure will be voted on.

At the Board of Trustees meeting on June 20, the board was supportive of the decision. The village's lawyer is drafting proposed language for the policy and could be on the Village Board of Trustees' desk before July 18.

Neighbors in the area said they're okay with the change.

"I think it's a good initiative for people to start doing because there are a lot of people that don't identify with one specific gender," Ossining resident Brian Dockery said.

"I don't have any problem with that I think it makes sense," Ossining resident Truly Guzman said.

Some residents said they do not think it's a good idea because they are worried if the wrong person goes into the bathroom while their child is in there they believe it's not safe.

"It doesn't affect me, so far everyone's doing that so I don't mind," Bronx resident Dennis Cobbina said.

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