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Outrage over outages: Residents say post-nor’easter repairs have been slow

Customers without electricity are worried as another storm makes its way to the region


HARRISON — Friday's nor'easter happened less than a week ago, and power company customers who haven't had electricity ever since are starting the feel the stress and frustrations on the storm's lingering effects.

While most of the homes in Valhalla remain dark, those lucky enough to have a generator say they're having a tough time as well.

"We got the refrigerator going and a little light — just to get some light — and that's about it," said Valhalla resident Gino Dimiceli.

According to the latest power outage map, Dimiceli's home is one of 22 in the immediate neighborhood that is still without power. He has no idea when the lights will turn on.

"Rumors are tonight, but with a snowstorm coming, probably next week. Who knows," Dimiceli said.

Over in Harrison, fire burns an electric pole that was supposed to restore power in Joshua Rockoff's neighborhood. He's been without power since the storm began.

"We lost power briefly on Thursday, and then lost power officially at 11:17 a.m. on Friday, and haven't had heat, electric, hot water, anything since Friday at 11:17," Rockoff said.

Several town leaders including, Town of Kent Supervisor Maureen Flemming, are voicing their dissatisfaction and frustrations with the NYSEG power company. They blame the company for a complete and inadequate lack of preparedness and response to the emergency.

Another pending snowstorm late Tuesday night is expected to make matters worse. As for Rockoff and his dealings with Con Ed, things are very uncertain.

"Con Ed just keeps on giving us, you know, ‘we're sorry for the inconvenience. We're working on it.’ We have no idea. With the storm tomorrow, I mean, we talked to a subcontractor who Con Ed had hired. He's like saying anywhere between two and three weeks,” Rockoff said.

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