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Westchester County officials work to solve trucks hitting bridge issue

George Latimer proposes studying traffic date, looking at height restrictive barriers for trucks


RYE BROOK – Trucks hitting bridges in Westchester County has become an ongoing issue, leading county officials plan to reduce these types of crashes on Friday. County Executive George Latimer said the county wants to add signs near the King Street Bridge, study traffic data for the Hutchinson and Bronx River parkways, and also look at height restrictive barriers for trucks. Latimer laid out a plan after meeting with the department of transportation officials and rye brook officials to talk strategy.

"It is merely a question of getting information out to those drivers those truckers that are coming through New York State. Some of those individuals are out of state truckers," Latimer said.

Residents said they see trucks hit the King Street Bridge often. An accident occurred on July 9.

"I’ve heard and seen many many trucks strike the bridge. Sometimes I’m amazed it's still standing," James Floyd said. "It's too frequent and sooner or later I think someone is going to get hurt."

Rye Brook Village Administrator Chris Bradbury said he wants to use a multifaceted approach.

"We’d like to get off that list. It's going to be a multifaceted approach. We want to remain active in this conversation and be part of the solution,” Bradbury said.

Police agencies are also looking to get involved by being alerted when a truck enters the parkway.

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