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Yonkers prepares to build new school amid looming teacher layoffs

Mayor Mike Spano says the city is 4,500 students over capacity


YONKERS — A plan to build a new public school in Glenwood comes as city officials prepare to lay off hundreds of teachers and other school staff in Yonkers.

Mayor Mike Spano says officials’ intentions are to help ease overcrowding in Yonkers’ schools.

"The City of Yonkers has a capacity issue. Right now, we are over 4,500 students over capacity. With the number of schools that we currently have, we need to build three more schools,” Spano said. “The cost of building those schools are kind of prohibited in terms of trying to protect the taxpayers."

The decision was made after city officials announced plans just last week to lay off hundreds of teachers and school staff in order to balance its budget. Mayor Spano says the school they plan to build will be the concept of a community school model that he says will be a private-public partnership which will provide new public housing.

The school would be built in a vacant lot at the corner of Ravine Avenue and Point Street.

The city council will vote on Tuesday to move forward with a real estate firm that could look into developing the new school.

“It's a great project that took many years to put together, and I hope it is received well by the public," Spano said.

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