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350 turkeys sell out in 2 minutes at Pocantico Hills farm, weeks ahead of Thanksgiving

Farm director explains to FiOS1 News what makes birds so popular and delicious


POCANTICO HILLS — Hundreds of turkeys have already sold for Thanksgiving in just minutes on a farm in Westchester County.

"We raised 350 of them and we put them on sale and they sold out in two minutes," said Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture Farm Director Jack Algiere.

The turkeys have a cult-like following, with people from Westchester County and nearby areas racing to order them for Thanksgiving.

The turkeys are processed on site, packaged and sold fresh to customers. But why are they so popular?

"They are delicious and are noticeably different than what you might find from a standard supermarket," Algiere says. He says the turkeys taste so good because of their diet and because they are free range.

"We raise them in the woods for the service of being out here, helping to clear the woodlands and that sort of thing, and in turn the flavor gets better," Algiere says.

Right now, some of the birds are about 10 to 12 pounds and could get up to 24 pounds, so no need for stuffing, right?

Even though one can't get one of these turkeys, one can still cook them like a pro.

"Usually put it in at least 24-hour brine, which is a solution of apple cider, vinegar, maybe some actual cider, water, salt, citrus sometimes, lemon," Algiere says.

"I like to put cheese cloths soaked in butter on them to cover the skin, and I put in oven starting at 450, keep it in there for about 45 minutes and then then lower temp to 375," Algiere says.

Algiere also recommends thawing out frozen turkeys the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

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