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Port Chester family in dire straits as father of 3 faces deportation

Wife: ‘Help me bring my husband back home’


PORT CHESTER — Community officials are working to support a Port Chester family whose sole breadwinner is facing deportation.

Husband and father of three, Aroldo Soto, has been detained for over a month in a New Jersey jail after he went to Manhattan to check in with ICE agents and was immediately arrested without notice.

"They told him to go through programs and he did everything. He applied and they got all rejected. So it's not his fault that everything is happening right now," Soto’s son, Ronald Contreras, said.

Aroldo's family says he was arrested in Texas when he was 14 years old and failed to show up for court appearances. If deported, Aroldo will be sent back to Guatemala.

"He came here for opportunity because in Guatemala, they don't offer them because it's very poor. What he does with the money he earns, he spends it on our needs and then he sends some to our grandmother who's ill," Contreras said.

As the sole breadwinner of the family faces deportation, his wife and three sons ages 18, 16 and seven are now without support.

“My husband is working so very hard to maintain our family and now I am so sad and cry every day because he's working to maintain our family and now I don't have so much money," Soto’s wife, Andra Mejea-Aroldo said.

Aroldo's family says he could be deported at any moment but is trying to stay in high spirits.

"Instead of worrying about himself, he worries about us. How this is affecting us mentally, spiritually, financially and how we're doing in school," Ronald Contreras said about his father.

The family says they visit Aroldo every Saturday and are grateful for the support from the community.

"I feel proud to say I'm from here because everyone is supporting, everyone wants to help," Contreras said.

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