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Port Chester moves forward with plan to restore walkway

Village board of trustees approves $4.9M bond to finance the project


PORT CHESTER – Port Chester is moving forward with plans to repair a river walkway that was destroyed in 2007 and has remained fenced off ever since. The village board of trustees recently voted to approve a $4.9 million bond to finance the work. The money will be added to another 3.8 million0 bond the board approved last summer, according to Lohud.

The walkway is located behind a Costco parking lot, which is in the center of the downtown area.

Neighbors say restoring the walkway is a perfect addition to Port Chester.

"I think it's a great idea. I think the water facet in Port Chester will bring a lot of people. We have so many restaurants, but adding the walkway is nice. People will come out and enjoy the scenery and enjoy the vibes of downtown Port Chester," resident Noel Colaneri said. "So, I think it's a terrific idea. I hope they go through with it."

Officials hope to receive final approvals for the walkway construction plan from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation by the end of the month. Village planners say they anticipate the project to take around 18 months.

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