Andy MattisonNov 3, 2017, 6:43 pmNov 6, 2017, 12:47 pm

Parents, children uncertain as to when Port Chester Middle School will reopen after repairs

Building has been closed since Oct. 27 as crews check that concrete window panels are secure


RYE BROOK — An empty school bus leaves Port Chester Middle School Friday afternoon onto Bowman Avenue. The street that is normally bustling with cars and school buses is relatively quiet.

The school has been closed all this week, giving students and the staff a mini vacation while crews work on repairs. Many in the community are left wondering when the school will reopen and how bad the problem is.

The school has been closed since Friday Oct. 27 while crews check about 90 decorative concrete window panels are secure.

As crews continue to work at Port Chester Middle School, the school district waits to get clearance so it can open again. On the District's website, they say they may have to open on Tuesday, Election Day, and it will be a regular day for students."

Port Chester Middle School will be open as a polling site this Tuesday. But repairing the window panels is only the beginning. The school board will have to look into a permanent repair plan.

Meanwhile, students remain out of school, waiting to hear when they can go back.

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