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Port Chester residents hold vigil for father who faces deportation

Aroldo Contreras was in annual immigration checking due to past DUI when he was detained


PORT CHESTER — A community came together Friday as one of their own faces deportation.

The Contreras family is feeling a great loss as their father, Aroldo, is being detained and will ultimately be deported.

“My dad was always there for a soccer game, always there for karate practice, always at my track meets. I have asthma, so he always makes sure I have my medication as well. So, knowing that my father won't be there is devastating and complicated,” said son Ronald Fernando Contreras.

Aroldo Contreras was in annual immigration checking due to a DUI 12 years ago. But this year, he was detained during his appearance.

“My father, OK, he did not make the best decisions, but he did do everything that was asked of him. He did apply for programs and everything, he did pay taxes, he did work. He didn't do anything wrong,” Ronald said.

On Friday night, the community held a vigil of hope outside Saint Peter's Episcopal Church to show their support for the Contreras family.

Sandra Contreras, the wife of Aroldo, said in Spanish how she's feeling without her husband.

“She is very sad for what is happening. She never thought this would happen to her and she's upset that our President Donald Trump is destroying families,” Sandra said through a translator.

Sandra says while the chances of her husband ever returning home are slim, they did hire a new lawyer to take a closer look.



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