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Over a dozen arrests made for swimming at quarry in Suffern

Ramapo RD: The area is dangerous, has unseen hazards


MOUNT VERNON – Representatives from Westchester and the Mount Vernon City Council said that the county is amending the contract it signed with Mount Vernon back in 2008 over Memorial Field renovations. An updated version of the agreement would give the county control over design and construction at the site without having to sue the city. Mount Vernon will still be responsible for cleanup.

The legislation is expected to be presented to the city council next week. FiOS1 News is told they will approve it. Then the contract goes to Mayor Richard Thomas who can sign or veto the document. If Thomas vetoes it, the city council said they plan to override his decision.

This comes the same week that a contempt of court motion filed by the Andrew Tureaud, the attorney for Kela Tennis, forced the city to return the pieces necessary to re-inflate the bubble so that the tennis facility can take a look at the damage caused when the city tore it down in June.

"My clients have engaged a contractor to re-install those parts and ascertain what's going to be necessary to raise the bubble," Tureaud said. "The tears become greater each day and they have great concern that the damage is extensive."

The DEC soil test that was scheduled and canceled for the end of July is still on hold.

Another court date for the memorial field lawsuits is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 7.

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