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Radiosurgery unit gives cancer patients ‘surgical precision without the incision’

White Plains Hospital ribbon cutting unveils the future of oncological treatment


WHITE PLAINS — Inside the new radio-surgery suite at the White Plains Hospital, doctors are hailing the new technology as the “surgical precision without the incision.”

The suite includes equipment never before seen in Westchester, designed to blast and destroy cancer tumors in as little as one treatment.

“Cutting-edge precision can minimally overlap with our nearby normal tissues, sometimes as little as one millimeter, and what that allows is for us to give a much higher dose than previously possible without overlapping the normal tissues, without having the side effects that we used to have,” explained Dr. Randy Stevens, the White Plains Hospital’s director of Radiation Oncology.

Dr. Stevens says this new technology is a triple win for patients as it allows for a higher chance of curing the issue with fewer side effects and the avoidance of surgery. An added plus is that it’s also covered by insurance for most patients.

The new radiosurgery suite is named after cancer survivors Paul and Harriet Weissman, a couple who says they owe their lives to the White Plains Center for Cancer Care.

“Harriet and I are survivors and we will always be very appreciative and grateful for the care we received here in this department. It truly saved our lives and enabled us to continue our lives going forward,” Paul Weissman said.

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