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Hundreds rally in Mount Vernon for re-development of Memorial Field

Members of The Real Voices of Mount Vernon express support for mayor’s proposal


MOUNT VERNON – Hundreds of members of The Real Voices of Mount Vernon rallied on Saturday at Memorial Field calling for a more inclusive re-development plan for the historic park, and demanded that the field be open to all residents.

"It’s unfair to the kids of Mount Vernon because the surrounding area in general because they have nowhere to play," protestor Kerjianne Miller said. "If we had Memorial Field the kids would have somewhere to go that is safe. That is properly done. What is the problem in getting it fixed and fixed properly this is the third mayor that we have gone through and he is the only one that seems to be attempting to do anything and they are giving him a fight."

The protestors exposed their support for Mayor Richard Thomas’s proposal for the field and his decision to temporarily shut down the tennis facility to make the re-development possible.

Patrick Tyson the president of real voices of Mount Vernon said he does support the eventual re-opening of the tennis center. Tyson said that once the field is finished the tennis bubble will go back up and expressing that the residents do want the tennis center to be re-open, but want it to be more inclusive for the children of Mount Vernon .

"What the mayor is doing is actually trying to build our infrastructure Memorial Field happens to be one of our great infrastructure that needs to be revitalized. We are not telling folks we don't want the tennis bubble. But the tennis bubble and Memorial Field is like a marriage you have to have the husband and the wife,” Tyson said.

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