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Ramapo anticipates $8M deficit in general fund

Town supervisor: The previous town supervisor got the town to this point


RAMAPO — Ramapo town officials are anticipating an $8 million deficit in their general fund when they get a financial audit back. Now, they are looking at ways to make up the difference.

Ramapo Town Supervisor Michael Specht said the town got to this point after the mismanagement of funds under previous town supervisor, Christopher St. Lawrence, who inflated the general fund. It was all done to make the town look more financially sound than it really was to strengthen Ramapo’s bond rating, according to Specht said.

Specht said St. Lawrence is serving 30 months in federal prison after he credited money toward the general fund which belonged in other funds like the ambulance fund and police fund.

Specht spoke about previously published reports which stated the town was considering selling property it owns. He said while that's an option, it's not the only one being considered.

"One option would be when we budget for next year to try to cut expenditures as much as possible. There is always the option of raising taxes that nobody wants to do, and we aren't anticipating having to do it at this time. That's one way to do it by increasing the revenue by raising taxes or other fees," Specht said.

The town expects to have the audit back by the middle of August.

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