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State DMV rolls out ‘Real ID’ campaign to encourage residents to sign up

New Yorkers will have 3 choices when they receive or renew their driver’s license or non-driver identification


WHITE PLAINS — “Real ID” is the newest awareness campaign launched by the New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles this week.

A video in the agency’s YouTube channel explains differences between “Real ID,” the enhanced driver’s license, the standard New York State driver’s license and non-driver identification.

Starting in October 2020, New Yorkers will need either a “Real ID” or enhanced driver's license to travel within the United States by airplane without having to bring additional documentation like a passport. These two forms of identification will also allow users to enter a military base and even grant access into a federal building such as federal courthouses.

Other elements of the campaign include a social media campaign and on-site event with DMV representatives to talk to the public. They plan to star at the Albany Airport this summer and expand to others throughout the year.

New Yorkers will now have three choices when getting their driver's license or non-driver IDs. Besides real and enhanced, there is also a standard license that does not provide any of the features available with the other two.

Legislative Chair Luis Alvarez released a statement. It reads:

"I agree with this new initiative geared towards our safety. I understand people will think of this as another annoying bureaucratic mandate, but I believe that this can be a stepping stone towards increasing our homeland security.”

All three are available now at local DMV offices. There's no additional charge for a standard or “Real ID.”

There is also a documentation guide on the DMV website that shows customers what they need to bring and provides an option to print at home.

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