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Republicans select Keith Wofford as attorney general candidate during convention

Thomas Humback drops out the running, says he ‘doesn’t want to splinter the party’


MANHATTAN – Republican delegates from counties across the state selected Keith Wofford as their nominee for attorney general at their convention on Thursday. The nomination comes after Rockland County Attorney Thomas Humbach dropped out of the running.

Wofford is a highly acclaimed Manhattan attorney who was born and raised in Buffalo. Wofford said he knew he had to run three weeks ago after former attorney general Eric Schneiderman dropped out of the running when he resigned under sexual assault allegations.

“You know, folks were in a critical conjuncture in our state and this election is too important for us to sit on the sidelines,” Wofford said. “Let’s send someone to Albany who's committed to tackling issues of drugs, gun, and violence on our kids and our broken immigration system. And finally, most important, let’s send someone to Albany who actually knows how to do the job.”

The delegates considered several nominees including Humbach, however formally declined his nomination.

“I read the room, I looked at what was happening. I wanted to ensure that the Republican Party didn't fracture into pieces into splinters. I think I could've carried a fair number of delegates however I thought it was not going to be in the long run something that would be good for the party as a whole. And a strong Republican party is something I want to see in this state,” Humbach said.

Wofford will join the GOP ticket with Marc Molinaro for governor and Julie Killian for lieutenant governor.

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