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Residents in Scarsdale mourn family killed in plane crash in Costa Rica

New Year’s Eve accident claimed the lives of Irene and Bruce Steinberg and their 3 sons


SCARSDALE — The community is in mourning Monday after learning of a New Year's Eve tragedy in which a local family of five were among 10 Americans killed in a plane crash in Costa Rica. Irene Steinberg, her husband, Bruce, and their three sons, Matthew, William, and Zachary, were on a single engine Cessna that went down in the province of Guancaste, Costa Rica on Sunday. They were on their way to a beach-side resort when the plane crashed.

Irene Steinberg and her family would frequent the local deli owned by Gregory Kassimis multiple times a week. Kassimis served them many times, and a few days prior would be his last time seeing Irene.

"The last memory was when just before she left I said, ‘Are you going away?’ And she said, ‘Yes, we are going to Costa Rica,’" Kassimis recalled.

A friend of Irene who recently commented on her Facebook photo was contacted by the consulate in Costa Rica about what happened to the family. She didn't want to go on camera but told FiOS1 News that she received a message from a rabbi that reads in part:

“On behalf of the Jewish community in Costa Rica, something happened. If you know them, call me at this phone number."

When she called, that's when she learned the family perished in a plane crash. Back in Scarsdale, the tight-knit community is still coming to terms with their passing.

"My heart goes out to their family. It’s a terrible tragedy," said local resident John Shapps.

Kassimis says it won't be the same at the deli anymore without the family around.

The cause of the plane crash is still under investigation.



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