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Claremont School holds annual field day event in honor of student with cancer

Teacher: ‘He’s such a special boy; he deserves this’


OSSINING – Claremont School used its annual field day event on Friday as a way to rally around Gavin King, 10, who was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, which a soft tissue cancer near his eye, show him love and support. Around 800 students joined together to chant "NPG," which stands for "No Problem Gavin," as a call of unity.

The school was able to sell over 900 "No Problem Gavin" bandanas, which amounted to around $1,000 for the hospital where he's receiving treatment

"[I feel happy] because the entire school fundraised more than $1,000 to Pediatric Sloan Kettering," Gavin said.

The fundraiser was led by Gavin’s fourth-grade teacher, Jill Anderson, who describes him as athletic, energetic, and an all-around great kid

"I’m just so overwhelmed because he's such a special boy, and he deserves this," Anderson said.

Gavin’s parents were overwhelmed by the support.

"I was not ready for how much, how overwhelming it was. It's great! I mean, Gavin, the school is really important to Gavin. This day is really important to Gavin, so it was absolutely incredible," Gavin’s father, Kevin King, said.

"You just feel like, oh, they're with us. They're with us too even if we don't see them every day; we're not alone," Gavin’s mother, Shannon King, said.

Gavin is expected to wrap up his treatment this summer in time for him to join his classmates for the start of fifth-grade in the fall.

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