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Andy MattisonJan 30, 2018, 1:02 am

Section 1 Basketball Tournament will not return to the Westchester County Center

The executive committee says their final decision is cost-effective, fan-friendly


WHITE PLAINS — Any hope left of seeing Section 1 basketball at the Westchester County Center this year was shot down Monday.

The Section 1 Committee decided during its monthly meeting that the highest seeded teams in this year's tournament will host the semifinal games for the boys and girls high school basketball tournament, meaning no basketball games will be played at the Westchester County Center this year.

The executive committee releasing a statement saying, “the decision to utilize Pace's facilities for the finals and higher-seed locations for semifinal games for all classes is sound, cost-effective, fan-friendly and thus good for Section 1 Basketball.”

Having lost the finals, many were hoping the county center could at least host the semifinal games. The Westchester County executive's office made a push to meet with the committee about it before Monday's vote but the two sides didn't meet. In a statement, County Director of Operations Joan McDonald said,
“We still firmly believe that the Section 1 Basketball Tournament belongs at the county center and that the county center is the best venue for the event. We are willing to discuss the county center hosting the tournament when Section 1 is ready.”

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