Carolyn FortinoOct 25, 2017, 5:51 pmOct 26, 2017, 4:53 pm

Sen. Latimer: Astorino receiving campaign contributions for Westchester Airport privatization

Democratic candidate for Westchester County Executive urges FAA to investigate


WHITE PLAINS — A report conducted by State Sen. George Latimer's campaign claims that Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has ulterior motives for privatizing the county’s airport.

Latimer is urging the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct an investigation into what he calls "pay-to-play" by Astorino for allegedly doling out county contracts to campaign contributors in exchange for construction and maintenance at the airport.

"We've identified in our research that there are $55.7 million worth of county contracts that have been given to 28 firms. Those firms have contributed over $200,000 dollars to the Astorino campaign," Sen. Latimer said.

The report is based on funding numbers that can be accessed by the public for any campaign.

Astorino denies any pay-to-play between his administration and the airport and says the county attorney has checked out all of the details of the airport privatization plan.

"You know, none of this is true,” Astorino said. “And the county attorney's office, the law department thoroughly vetted this. And this is money that was at the airport for the purpose of operations and explaining what is happening at the airport. So, George Latimer can continue his most dishonest campaign that we've ever seen in Westchester County."

Latimer discredits Astorino’s claims, saying the county attorney doesn't have an unbiased opinion.

"I don't think the county attorney's opinion represents an objective legal opinion. If he's so confident that his opinion would hold muster, he should submit it out and see if an external legal opinion would also reinforce that," Latimer said.



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