Jonathan GordonMar 1, 2018, 7:06 pm

State attempts to connect billions of forgotten dollars to owners

Mount Vernon residents missing funds have a chance to get their money back


MOUNT VERNON — With billions of dollars in unclaimed funds lying dormant throughout New York, Westchester leaders are outlining how residents can get their money back.

There's over $122 million of unclaimed funds that Mount Vernon and Bronx residents don't realize they can get back.

All that lost money comes from forgotten savings accounts, lost paychecks or inactive stocks. And there are more than 37 million records still unclaimed across the state.

“It's your money so you should be able to reclaim the money that you have, no matter if it's a dollar, a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars or maybe even or one hundred thousand dollars," Senator Jamaal Bailey said.

Mount Vernon residents can check to see if they are eligible for unclaimed funds at visit the Doles Center at 250 South 6th Ave.

Officials say 65 percent of the claims are less than $100 but there is still an estate somewhere in New York worth $8 million yet to be collected.

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