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Storm hits Mamaroneck exactly 5 years after Superstorm Sandy pummeled the area

Local business owner looks back on a storm that knocked out power for days


MAMARONECK — Superstorm Sandy hit the coastlines of New York and New Jersey on this day five years ago, knocking out power for days and wiping out homes and businesses.

In Mamaroneck, 60 percent of the town lost power, including the Boiano Bakery on Mamaroneck Avenue.

Boiano Bakery owner Antoinitte Colalillo says she was on vacation when the storm hit, but when she came back, she had no power in her home or at her bakery.

"No power for four or five days," Colalillo said.

Seventy roads in Mamaroneck were closed due to flooding and downed trees, forcing the town to spend over $100,000 on overtime for employees and almost $80,000 on debris and tree removal.

The rainy day anniversary serves as a reminder of what happened back then and feeds fears for future storms.



Nyack, New York
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