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Gentlemen’s club appeals to Mount Vernon to re-open for business

Mayor is opposed for return of ‘Sue’s Rendezvous’ because he says it breeds crime


MOUNT VERNON — A gentleman's club at 96 Gramatan Ave. wants to open back up, but Mayor Richard Thomas says not in his city.

Citizens meanwhile are torn about whether the strip club "Sue's Rendezvous" should open somewhere else.

The gentleman's club opened nearly 45 years ago and closed its doors in April. Now, they are appealing to the city to be allowed to reopen, despite past incidents, including a shooting. Alfred Patton, a former bouncer for the club “In the 80's” says it doesn't breed crime.

"It was really no crime. It’s like, a lot of celebrities came there. Fat Joe, Big Pun, Murder Inc. I never had no problem with none of the clients," Patton said

Perhaps things changed for the hotspot. Back in 2016, police say a fight that escalated inside the club spilled onto Gramatan Avenue and left a young woman shot and injured.

"Well, look. Bronxville isn't rolling out the red carpet to receive ‘Sue's.’ Neither is Scarsdale. Why should Mount Vernon?" Thomas asked. He says the strip club breeds crime and grime. Since it permanently closed, he says it's also been hit with several code violations from the building department.

The mayor says Gramatan Avenue's business district needs to be built up, not down. Thomas says he has a vision is to bring in small business and retail that actually are family-friendly and creates jobs.

When “Sue's” originally opened, the mayor says it was grandfathered in. But now under the current zoning law, it can't reopen in this part of the city.

FiOS1 News reached out to the owner's attorney for “Sue's” but has not heard back on the matter.

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