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Bomb threat at 2 Rockland County schools, one ends in an arrest

Glen Edwards, 17, faces felony charges, including making a terroristic threat and reporting a false incident


SPRING VALLEY — Investigators say bomb threats were made at two Rockland County high schools Friday. One ended with a student now behind bars and facing felony charges including, making a terrorist threat.

Ramapo police say, Glen Edwards, 17, called 911 around 10:30 a.m. Friday morning, claiming there was a bomb inside Ramapo High school in Spring Valley. He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. The judge said he likely made the prank call to get out of school early.

"We turned off all the lights and we huddled around a corner," said Ramapo High School student Marlon Ramirez. For Ramirez, the threat seemed real. He described when the school went on lockdown as the Rockland County bomb squad did a sweep of the building.

"Some of us messaged our parents actually. It was pretty scary," Ramirez added. “And then I texted her they have dogs in the school.”

"My teacher, she was actually really good. She blocked out the window … she turned off lights, told us to go in one part of the room," said student Hannah Mesones.

Authorities gave the all-clear for students to return to class before 11:30 a.m. and tracked the 911 call to Edwards' cellphone.

Earlier, a similar situation played out at Spring Valley High School off Route 59. Police say a bomb threat was found there just after 7 a.m. written on a blackboard inside the school.

The more than 1,100 students evacuated, and the bomb squad searched the school for explosives. Authorities gave the all clear before 9 a.m., allowing students to finish out their school day.

As for Edwards, he is facing felony charges that could carry jail time, including making a terroristic threat and reporting a false incident. At his arraignment, his lawyer said she had no comment on the charges.

Edwards’ bail is set at $2,500 bond, and he's due back in court next week.



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