Carolyn FortinoNov 23, 2017, 6:07 pm

Survey: Thanksgiving meal expected to cost slightly less this year

Findings show the price of a turkey has dipped an average of $1.34 per pound


PORT CHESTER — Each year, the New York Farm Bureau Market releases the findings of a survey that looks at the total cost of a Thanksgiving dinner. Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is expected to cost a little bit less this year in comparison with last year.

The average price of a Thanksgiving dinner, which includes a 16-pound turkey is $44.74 in comparison to 46.63 cents last year.

According to the study, the price of turkey has dipped an average of $1.34 per pound. Sweet potatoes have come down in price along with milk, which has also decreased the price of whipping cream and dinner rolls.

Prices are the lowest they've been in five years and shoppers that FiOS1 News spoke with say the savings help during the holiday season. But no matter what the cost, they say they will still go out and buy their thanksgiving dinner and all the trimmings this holiday season.

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