Josh RhodenJun 16, 2018, 12:30 pm

Assemblyman pushes for Tollpayer Protection Act

Bill protects drivers from having their licenses suspended over outstanding bills


TARRYTOWN – Hudson Valley Assemblyman Tom Abinati said is trying to create legislation to essentially preventing the DMV from suspending your license over outstanding bills.

Abinanti said he just wants to protect drivers who use the tolls.

"It would prevent the department of motor vehicles from arbitrarily suspending registrations. As you know, a lot of people have been pulled over, because their registrations have been suspended. They've been pulled out of their cars, their cars have been confiscated and they've been left standing on the side of the road," Abinanti said.

Abinanti believes the bill he's pushing will relieve headaches experienced by many who go through tolls daily and never receive a bill.

"At the same time there are people who have been mistakenly charged and we want to clean this system up. And that's what we are doing with the toll payer protection act," Abinanti said.

People said they want this bill passed fast.

"Sometimes you don't get the mail. And you get 50 dollars, and it adds up like that,” a resident said.

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