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Toll Payer Protection act passed, headed to Cuomo’s desk

Bill is designed to make it easier for toll payers to dispute charges, calls for more transparency


WHITE PLAINS – The Toll Payer Protection Act is on its way to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk for a signature to sign it into law after it passed the state assembly on Thursday. The bill makes it easier for the toll payer to dispute charges they believe are erroneous, allows for a process where the toll collector agency has to respond to the toll payer within a certain period of time, allows for the toll payer to set up text messaging or email as a way for them to see bills, and allows for transparency in the billing as well.

State Sen. David Carlucci, who co-sponsored the bill, spoke about what this will mean for New Yorkers. Carlucci created the bill because he heard too many stories of toll bills and fines putting residents livelihoods at risk and this legislation will mitigate the damage to toll payers by allowing for more transparency and due process in the toll paying system.

“Where we're talking about someone being put out on the street because of a $5 toll that turned into thousands of dollars over a short period of time. So, this is legislation that was willfully needed in New York state,” Carlucci said.

Carlucci says the toll payer protection law will become even more important as the governor continues to roll out cashless tolling throughout the state.

“This is just one step of many as we move forward. Unfortunately, the freeze of the tolls on the Tappan Zee Bridge and throughout the Thruway system will be lifted in 2020. So, we've got to start working today to implement policies so we make sure we mitigate any toll increases in the future,” Carlucci said.

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